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    Keyword Research

    Keywords are the foundation on which digital marketing campaigns are built. Everything from your website to your social media profiles should be centered around keywords. They should be specific and relevant to your industry. Identifying words and phrases that your ideal persona uses when searching for your business offering is crucial.

    The keyword research process is highly important, often misunderstood, and sometimes complex. Whether you specialize in personal lines insurance, commercial lines insurance, life insurance, health insurance, financial services, or a combination of all of them, we will find the ideal group of keywords for your brand.

    Voice Search

    Google says that 20% of its total search traffic comes through voice (2016). Bing says that 25% of its total search traffic comes through voice (2016). Voice apps like Google Now, Google Assistant and Apple’s SIRI are becoming ubiquitous. Amazon’s Alexa, and now Google’s Home, are battling for supremacy in the IoT (Internet of Things) global market place. Consumers are able to request everything from pizza to auto, homeowners and life insurance quotes, by simply speaking into a microphone; they don’t have to yell across the room to do so, either. “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) is allowing these apps, and devices, to be taught at a quickening rate. Over time, they’re learning what each unique person needs to ensure a good user experience. They are more accurate, and faster, than ever before. As a result, you can expect to see the share of voice search, as compared to total “typed-in” search traffic, grow at an accelerated pace. Can your website, telephone number and email address be quickly found via voice search commands? There is a different set of skills needed to optimize for voice search as compared to traditional search traffic. It’s clear you need to have both for your agency’s website. ABS has recruited a team of some of the most talented “voice search experts” in the market. This voice search optimization comes with your ABS subscription.

    Event Marketing

    Most agents live and work in the communities they serve. One of the most effective ways to demonstrate that “local affinity,” within your market, is by supporting community events. Whether your team is going to be a sponsor, co-sponsor or just attending a local event, the ABS “Event Marketing” channel can help you promote that fact. You can request coverage around your physical office on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google Plus. In fact, Facebook has added an “Event Marketing” platform to its “Application Programming Interface” (API). It allows you to target all the way down to a 10-25 mile radius around your office and/or event. Event Marketing comes with your ABS subscription.

    Search Engine Optimization

    If keyword research is the foundation, SEO is the cement that holds everything together. No matter how good your keyword research is, it means nothing if your web properties are not correctly optimized for the search engines. Search engine optimization helps boost search rankings and gives your website more overall authority. But, more importantly, it helps ensure you get found by prospects. Once we have identified the most important and valuable keywords for your business, our expert SEO professionals will ensure that you get found in the search engine results pages (SERPS) for those keywords. We follow both on page and off page SEO best practices to help improve your business rankings on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Want to see how we’re helping agents just like you achieve top search engine rankings? click here to see our most recent case studies.

    Social Media Marketing

    Social media marketing has been around for many years. But, for the most part, the concept is alien to insurance and financial services agents. It is, however, an important piece of any marketing strategy. Whether you are selling life insurance or financial services, you will find a highly engaged audience on social media. With Agent Branding System, you can leverage all the major social media channels to build a higher volume of quality traffic to your agency. We’ll help you harness the amazing marketing power of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and YouTube. Our services include the setting up, management, and promotion of your social media profiles. We post relevant, compliant content, on a daily basis to our ABS clients’ social media accounts. Our team of experts understand the optimum time of the day, and the right days, to give

    Social Media Optimization

    Is your business’ social media profile correctly optimized? If not, you could be missing out on quality leads that can help you build your book of business. Every day hundreds of businesses set up profiles on social media platforms. The competition for prominence is fierce. That is why it is more important than ever to have a fully optimized social media profile. Social media optimization ensures your business gets found when someone searches for services like yours on a particular social media platform. Facebook, for example, now allows a very sophisticated level of targeting for its ever growing list of business profiles. They now have more than 40 million business profiles. Of which, more than 2 million business owners pay for additional exposure on Facebook. In fact, you can now target down to a 10-mile radius around your office using the Facebook ad interface. Let us make sure that your social presence is making a positive impact in your community. We’ll expertly optimize your profile to give you the best chance of getting found by quality social media prospects. Stop missing out on leads and start leveraging the power of social today.

    Business Listings Management

    Online business directories are an often neglected aspect of digital marketing. They do, however, play an important role in SEO, customer acquisition, and brand development. Google, for example, has altered their search algorithms to display business listings primarily when someone searches with local intent. Major search engines' spiders crawl thousands of online directories to help validate each website to ensure they give their users the "best experience" possible. To improve your SEO opportunities (including increasing your chances of being served up on the popular voice apps, and devices, that are out there), on Google, Bing and Yahoo, you need a comprehensive, online directory presence that's accurate and fully optimized For insurance and financial services agents operating at the local level, this is hugely important. The more prominence you have in a user’s search for local services, the more brand exposure, inquiries, and leads you will receive. We understand the significance of maintaining a solid, optimized directory listing and the impact it could have on your business. That is why we offer a dedicated business listings management service, that includes careful research to identify the most suitable directories for your business; profile set-up on more than 1,500 online directories, e.g., Yelp, Foursquare, City Search, YP, Hot Frog, Superpages and lots more! ABS has done the research to find the 1,500+ online directories that offer the greatest impact for insurance and financial services agents. In addition, ABS' team of BLM professionals will optimize (those that allow optimization) and manage all 1,500 BLM profiles. Each agent should have a comprehensive BLM program. In addition to helping SEO, it's one of the many ranking factors, so that your agency name and telephone number can be found on voice search (mentioned earlier).

    Monthly Performance Reports

    Do you know exactly from where your website visitors are coming? Do you know which of your business offerings converted which customer? What about your social media profiles? Do you know which ones yield the most conversions? The answers to these questions and more are what shape an effective marketing campaign. With the proper data, we can monitor, adjust, and improve your conversion ratio. The inbound marketing methodology allows us to track and change every aspect of a marketing campaign so that you always know what’s working. We’ll send you detailed monthly reports on your campaign so that you can see its progress. Just part of our commitment to performance, transparency, and commitment to you. Would you like to start receiving more qualified leads? Get in touch with us today to find out how.

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