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At Your FREE Consultation You will Learn:

Methods Which Have Helped Thousands Lower Blood Sugar, Safely Reduce Medications and Lose Weight (if necessary)
Ways Past Patients Have Become Clinically Non-Diabetic with Proof and Examples
A Virtually Unknown Method that Some Type 2 Diabetics Are Using to Dramatically Increase Energy
The Easiest Way We Have Found to Lose Lots Of Weight (if needed) Without Exercise
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Meet Jason Kouri, M.D.

Our Medical Director

* Board Certified with American Board of Urgent Care Medicine

* Practicing 18 years treating 65,000 patients

* Specializing in Functional Medicine

(All medications are managed by a Medical Doctor)

Our Program Benefits

  • Before and After lab analysis

  • Proprietary supplements to take

  • Exercise recommendations

  • Unlimited one on one phone/email support

  • Enjoy/Avoid list of foods

  • Proprietary weekly meal plans

  • Over 200 recipes

  • Shopping List

  • Weekly training videos

  • Monthly newsletter

  • Group training call 3 days a week

Our Skills are excellent

If you’re currently relying solely on medications to manage your diabetes and are concerned about complications like kidney problems (leading to dialysis), heart problems (leading to stroke - heart attack), vision problems (leading to blindness) & neuropathy (leading to amputation), then you may wish to learn about our natural diabetes program and see if we can help you.

Hear from Actual Patients

Frank McKee

“I’ve been on the program 4 months. Prior to the program, my weight got to an all-time high of 272. This morning my weight was 207. I went from a size 50 waist and currently I’m in a size 40. Before the program, I just progressively went up in medication. Every time I went to the doctor he would increase by another couple. I got up to 30. Today, I’m completely off medication. My A1C had been bouncing around prior to the start of the program. I got up as high as 8.2. I had it tested 2 weeks ago, and I was 6.1. So my A1C went down, plus I got off the meds at the same time. I think this saved my life!

*Results may vary from individual to individual

Lorrie Drogan

“I’m 70 years old and I’ve been diabetic for close to 20 years. I’ve been on the program for 3 months, with one month to go. Results have been fantastic already. I’m so enthusiastic about the program and hope everybody who sees this, will understand that it does work. My A1C has gone from a 7.8 to a 5.9 in 3 months staying on the program, exactly as prescribed. All of my numbers have gone way down, cholesterol, triglycerides. I’m close to being off all meds. I was on 6 pills a day, now I’m down to one. I play tennis 5 days a week. My waist has gone down 6 inches, from a size 18 to a 10. It’s just fantastic!

*Results may vary from individual to individual